Book Review of Marathon Faith

Author John Van Pay is the founding lead pastor of Gateway Fellowship Church in San Antonio, and he loves competing in marathons. In Marathon Faith, he compares his endurance experiences to the struggles Christians face daily.
Chapter after chapter, Van Pay takes readers on a journey through Hebrews 11 and 12, introducing more than 15 Old Testament endurance runners. The author does an excellent job sharing their life stories of finishing their race while enduring hard times. He fills page after page with the positive message: Faith in God made the runners strong enough to finish the race
Bible verses scattered throughout the pages reinforce the authors view—the importance of keeping one’s gaze fixed on Jesus to discover the foundational strength needed to complete the journey of faith. Through the author’s heartfelt stories, readers are encouraged they also can persevere through every trial and temptation. The same faith the Bible characters depended on still is offered today.
Van Pay believes three common perceptions attack a person’s spiritual race—no view of Jesus, a distorted view of Jesus and a low view of Jesus. The author discusses wonderful topics throughout the book, and he fills pages with suggestions on how to have a closer relationship with Jesus. Tips on reading and memorizing Scripture, the importance of prayer and encouragement to put on the armor of God each morning are included. The “Notes” section is a wonderful resource, with all the Bible verses referenced in the book organized by chapter.
If you want to discover a deeper faith in Christ, dig deeper in this book. It is laced with thought-provoking questions that will guide you through many areas concerning your life: What does God say about you? What weight is holding you back? What does it mean to be successful? Who do you look for salvation? Where do you direct your passion? Who sits on the throne of your heart?
Please pick up a copy, read it, give it away then purchase another copy and reread it.


Before The Fall

DEVOTION BY Bobbie Brown POSTED 1/17/2018 12:00:01 AM ON Matthew 18:15 NIV POSTED TO THE Spirit & Mind Devotion. For more devotions, visit Christian Devotions.)
If your brother or sister sins, go and point out their fault, just between the two of you. If they listen to you, you have won them over. Matthew 18:15 NIV
Before The Fall
The towering spruce reached the sky and decorated my lawn for more than eight years.
One day, I noticed a slight bend in the tree’s stance. Weeks later, the spruce no longer filled the sky but exposed its roots. I begged the tree man, “Can’t you do anything to save the tree?” His reply, “Too far gone. The roots aren’t grounded anymore. It’s dying from the inside out.” For an agreed price, my beautiful tree became firewood. Perhaps I could have acted quicker to save my tree.
The experience pushed me to question my Christian walk. Do I ignore my Christian brother or sister as they begin to lean? Or even my own tilting? I knew dealing with the tree would cost me—so I ignored it.
Evaluating choices is a daily battle. Watching an inappropriate movie or laughing at an off-colored joke. Bad decisions weaken my stance and push me further from my Christian foundation. Sometimes I’m afraid of confronting a friend or family member by saying, “Hey, you are leaning.” But there are consequences of not acting quicker. I must also accept the message of others if they tell me I’m leaning. Nourishing our souls with God’s written Word is the only way we can survive the winds of life— Value God’s approval more than you do the world’s approval.


We Celebrate

This is a photo of my daughter’s 42nd birthday present. We celebrate!
Family, friends and readers of my book, The Unbreakable Cord, you know of her painful journey to walk again after a horrific car accident.
Sixteen years ago, on her birthday she was in ICU. The doctors didn’t know if she would ever walk again. But she fought through the pain of physical therapy. Lately, she has suffered severe foot pain, and others don’t always see what is going on inside another’s body or mind. At last an MRI revealed the cause.
1. Subacute or chronic nondisplaced fracture of the anterolateral process of the calcaneus with incomplete bridging bone.
2. Severe partial tear with split of the peroneal brevis tendon and tendinopathy of the peroneal longus tendon. A partial tear and scarring superior peroneal retinaculum.
3. Partial tear anterior talofibular ligament and calcaneofibular ligament.
I hope and pray we do not pass judgement of others recovery and grief above what God has planned. If you have a friend who is in pain, accept it without them having to justify the reason or have an MRI to justify the pain.The treatment for this is a bone stimulator and wearing of the boot, hopefully to repair the fracture. Then they will address the tears.
So, Happy Birthday my little Sunshine, my fighter. Love Mom


Instant Gratification

Fostering the Heart

Proverbs 25:4 Remove the dross from the silver, and a silversmith can produce a vessel;

Hungry, I walked over to the metal box and read the simple instruction. Push the button, two minutes later, a pancake rolled out on a conveyor belt. Truly fascinating, no more work, just instant gratification in the world of sweet breakfast. On further inspection of this marvel, I noticed the flat, semi-brown pancake lacked my usual standards. It resembled a Frisbee. In the endeavor to speed the process of production, it lost the full richness of texture and taste.

To make a truly delicious pancake, requires us to crack eggs, whisk ingredients, add a splash of oil to the pan, pour a measure of batter and flip until the edges are golden crisp. It takes time to produce a unique golden, fluffy, mouthwatering pancake. However, it is worth it. The result not only fills your…

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#The Lost Princess and the Jewel of Periluna #Robert B. Sloan

I received this book  free; and did a review for Baptist Standard Magazine. Would make a nice gift for young readers.

The Lost Princess and the Jewel of Periluna is the second book in the Hamelin Stoop series. Book One, The Eagle, The Cave and the Foot Bridge, sets the background, explaining why the main character, Hamelin, lives in a children’s home.

The writing style of author Robert B. Sloan, president of Houston Baptist University, quickly engages young readers, as the Great Eagle leads Hamelin through the mysterious cave and across the footbridge once again in search of his parents. His continuing quest to seek his identity takes him through the dangerous Waters of Death and Life and into the Land of Gloaming.

Placing his quest aside, Hamelin joins forces with two new friends in their mission of freeing a kidnapped princess and recovering a stolen jewel. To aid in their journey, the trio receives special gifts—a scarf of sight, magical gloves, shoes of speed and a sword of death.

Sloan fills each scene with adventure and suspense. Young readers will look forward to the release of the third book in the series with enthusiasm.