It’s Okay,you are with me

It’s Okay, you are with me

O Lord Almighty, blessed is the man who trusts in you.

Psalm 84:12

I just turned 63 and with 6 more flips of the calendar Billy will celebrate his 66th birthday.  My brother can’t change the fact 25 years ago someone kicked him in the chest.  The life he knew is forever gone. He struggles daily to accept his imprisonment. Remnants of bull riding and serving his country decorate his room and overshadow his distorted body.

It doesn’t seem that long ago I questioned mom’s decision, “Are you sure you want to take him out of the nursing home?”  Eight years ago Mom died and I tried to convince myself a nursing home could provide his needs better than I.  My abilities were questioned by myself and others. Friends would say, “Think about what you are doing, you have a life of your own”. However, something tugged within; it was as if I had an invisible string running through me. The pulling runs deeper than I can even imagine.  Reason and logic hold no power over this force.

Now when I enter Billy’s room I escape the reality of my world for a brief moment. I leave my “to do” list on the kitchen table and attend to all of his needs. “Gunsmoke” and “I Love Lucy” re runs entertain us.  We recall old childhood memories and laugh together.  For a brief instant Mom, Dad and our oldest brother dance in our laughter then quickly fade back to a memory. Billy suffers from hypoxia (lack of oxygen to the brain).  When he is anxious about the moment I quickly say, “It’s okay you are with me.” His calmness returns because he trusts me.

God blesses us when we trust. Even when it’s hard for us, He knows what His mighty plan holds. I love my brother and God blesses me daily through his care. Carrying his burden strengthens me and tightens our sibling bond. After all, God sent His son for me, and He never thought twice.

I can’t help but think that is what God wants from all of us. Leave our “to do” list and enter into His room and attend to His needs.  Anytime we are anxious be still and hear His voice, “It’s Okay you are with me.”   Do you hear his voice whispering to you? 

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