My Words Fail Me When I Speak

My Words Fail Me When I speak

I want to thank all of the readers of my blog and my devotions for the wonderful encouraging words you have shared with me.

When I was little the doctors thought I was tongue tied and clipping underneath the tongue would allow the words to flow; however, they discovered that wasn’t the problem. I was told it was nerves and I would eventually outgrow the speech problem. For years I would trip over little words such as: church, school bus, fifteen and many others, too many to name. I quickly learned this speech problem was going to be my partner for a long time. I adapted to the problem; I avoided reading aloud in groups and chose my words carefully when required to give an oral report. I still remember the battle of trying to say “picture and pitcher.”

I believe this is where my love for writing was formed. My pen and paper could twirl adventure after adventure upon the pages; the fear of being laughed at was removed. I hope and pray my words dance on the page and will make music to your heart as I invite you to travel with me on this new adventure of my life and I encourage you to write daily letters to God praising Him for the many wonders surrounding you.

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