Caregiving More Than A Load Of Laundry

The life of a care giver is rewarding and difficult at the same time; some may think it is just the extra physical duties that is required that drains the care giver. However, for me it is the overwhelming decisions making for someone else. Should I call the doctor or wait another day, did I give the right medication ; is the bed free of wrinkles, did I order the needed supplies. It seems at times there is no right answer, I call the doctor, he says wait a couple more days and then when I don’t call the doctor, they exclaim you should have called earlier. It is a heavy load to shoulder the responsibility of someones care. I know I am not the only one who is faced with these struggles; an aging parent, a loved one struggling with Alzheimer’s or a family member with a disability. Care giving is not an easy task God has allowed to filter through His fingers but I must remain strong in my faith that God will provide the answers and the strength to make the correct decisions. God is the only one who should be the judge of “quality of life”.

My brother has been a victim of crime for over 26 years and depends on his family for all of his needs. God has surrounded him with loving care givers, first my Mom who took charge and pulled him from the nursing home over 24 years ago. Nine years ago Mom went to be with the Lord, and my brother now lives with me and my husband. I am surrounded by my two loving children who are constantly throwing in a load of laundry, helping me turn my brother, running to the store to pick up medication, the list goes on and on. So, I can truly see God’s grace has been sufficient. Since we have such a loving and unchangeable God I know as one long day turns into another God’s grace will be sufficient.

I see care giving as more than throwing a load of laundry in and I hope as you struggle with the care you provide you know the God of grace; He never tires of hearing our hearts.

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