Seeds of Encouragement


I received a necklace with a mustard seed enclosed when I was a teenager. I know the necklace is only symbolic of the faith that was planted deep in my heart many years ago when I accepted Christ. I wish I still had the little gold chain to clasp around my neck to shout to the world this is all you need to survive the trials of this world. I thank the many people in my life who nurtured the tiny seed. Thanks to the Avon lady who picked me up for vacation bible school, the mom of my dearest friend who loved a poor country girl and included me in their family. I even thank my father, who never went to church but would drive us kids to church. My minister friend who said it was okay to stay in the lodge on the church ski retreat; and encouraged me to be the person God had created, not the person others thought I should be. Most of all thanks to everyone who watered the tiny seed as I grew up and to my many friends and family who water me daily with their kind words and unconditional love. Thanks to my uncle who took the time to write this note 36 years ago.

May17, 1967, it reads in part,

“Congratulations on your successful completion of twelve long years of school. I hope you may enjoy many years of a good Christian life. No matter how it may appear any life lived outside Christ is a failure. As ever, Your Uncle Jack.”

I love how the Bible compares faith to a tiny seed and after it is planted and watered with His words, it develops into a huge strong plant. The Message uses pine nut and pine tree instead of mustard seed; as I sit in my mountain home overlooking the wonders of creation the pine tree reminds me I still need watering and I am still growing.

I would encourage each of you to reach out and water your friends; write a note of encouragement, make a phone call. Plant a seed it begins with you.

Matthew 13:31 (Message)

“God’s kingdom is like a pine nut that a farmer plants. It is quite small as seeds go, but in the course of years it grows into a huge pine tree, and eagles build nests in it.”

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