Who Am I

bobbieanne 001On my first devotion I used my maiden name Bomar, since it was about my brother Billy. To my surprise they have accepted three of my devotions. I had to ask myself who am I really; using Bomar didn’t seem right, so now I decided to use Bobbie Bomar-Brown. However that dilemma took me on a journey to the past, it made me think about names. How we fall into descriptions; care giver, the girl with the Texas accent; the overweight child; nicknames that follow us; mouse, bobo. I’ve been plagued with names as long as I can remember. Yes, my legal name is Bobbie not Roberta or Rebecca but Bobbie. For some, accepting Bobbie as a girl’s name has been challenging; they want to change it to Bonnie. I tried to outsmart a new group I was being introduced many years ago, I introduced myself as Bobbie Ann thinking no way they would call me Bonnie. I was quickly greeted with “Bobbie Sue.” I finally realized the descriptions can swallow a person and we lose site of the true person God created. Is it Bobbie Bomar or Bobbie Bomar-Brown or just plain Bobbie? Who am I really, my brother’s caregiver or the mother of two, or the gal from Texas? No, I am God’s daughter. He made us in His image; He sees something of Himself each time He looks at us. I challenge everyone to pick up a mirror and see the beautiful image God created and do not let the words overweight, freckle-faced, disabled, or divorcee mold you, Jesus loves what He sees!

It really doesn’t matter what name I use, but I love the Bomar-Brown so that is what I will be using from now on; I know I am created in God’s image and that is what really counts, not my name or the size of my body or the freckles on my face that are now being crowded out by wrinkles.

7 thoughts on “Who Am I

    • No, it is only a blog, haven’t had time to work on any devotions, hope to soon.  How is your re-write going?



  1. I grew up with everyone asking me if Niki was short for Nicole. It’s not. For an added twist, try to get anyone to spell my name correctly; it doesn’t happen. That’s ok, my mom liked a simple Niki, but she got me. (Ha ha)


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