Dedicated to the “One”

I love reading devotions; the right words always appear at the right time. I have also discovered writing is my avenue to healing. The flood of Sept. 12 swept through our little Estes Park community destroying property and homes and with it washed away my motivation for writing.

When writers share Jesus’ words or their own stories they soothe my heart and some challenge me. The market is full of wonderful devotions so why should I add mine to the millions? I am so thankful God doesn’t view His children as one of the millions, He sees each of us as “One.”

I have once again found the motivation to share my stories and through the encouragement of my Christian sisters have committed to finish my book.

I dedicate my devotions to the “one.” Are you the one who lost your life long companion or maybe you are sitting bedside of critical injured child. All is know is Jesus died for the one, and he can soothe that ache that no one can see.

If you get a chance read my latest devotion which posted on

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