Looking Back

Before What triggered this blog was the cute photo of my youngest granddaughter with her before and after hair cut photo.
A lot of people say don’t look back. The past is the past, move on; but I tend to disagree at this point of my life. I have finished my book and renamed it, “When the Heart Cries No More, God whispers “Here I Am.”
I want the reader to feel my daughter’s pain and see the fear I carried in my heart, so I had to journey back to the past. As I flipped the photo album it became more obvious the past can be a healer if one allows it. I looked at the progression of the photos, and my heart rejoices with thanksgiving to God for so many things. Today, as I was writing this blog, my daughter called, and shared the extreme pain she is still in, but as I look at the after photo’s that pain is a blessing, because she was granted another day. None of us are promised tomorrow.
Guess the gist of this post is; look back if you need healing, but don’t live in the past. Look forward to who holds your eternity and remember When the Heart Cries No More, God whispers “Here I Am.”


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