Daddy’s Little Girl~~~God’s Daughter

Easter <
This is one of my favorite photos; Easter Sunday surrounded by both my brothers. Mack, who went home to be with his Heavenly Father in 2002, and brother, Billy who lives in Estes with us. I loved Easter as a child; the dying of eggs, the colored candy eggs, and the little chics.
I was daddy’s little girl. We would hunt Easter eggs hand and hand, and I always found the prize egg. It was not until years later my brothers told me Dad carried the special egg in his pocket and would drop it so I could find it. Being daddy’s little girl gave me many privileges, and of course the chocolate bunny. I was special in my father’s eyes.

Now all these years later I realize being God’s daughter has given me so many privileges. Christ drops the prize daily for me to find; strength to navigate the world, forgiveness for when I take a wrong turn. The best prize of all is the gift of the Resurrection.

Do you know all you have to do is reach down and pick up the prize?

2 thoughts on “Daddy’s Little Girl~~~God’s Daughter

  1. I love this image of Christ letting us uncover the gifts of his presence on a daily basis and that He is our prize. Beautiful post, Bobbie!


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