Keep Your Heart Focused

Colorado Christian Writers Conference begins tonight, (May 14th- May 17th) at the beautiful YMCA of the Rockies. Six women will be attending the conference from our small Christian Women writing group Please pray that we will absorb the words God has chosen for us. Several of us will be meeting with Editors and Publishers; pray we will speak the words God has placed in our hearts.

This is my latest devotion that posted this morning on, thank you for reading and sharing my devotions.

My flesh and my heart may fail, but God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever. Psalm 73:26 NIV
I struggled with the point of view character concept (POV) when I wrote my first novel.
My friend placed a small cardboard cylinder to her eye, pretending to be the main character of my novel. “You can only write what that person sees or thinks. You can’t jump inside another character’s head. You must pass the cylinder to them before they speak.”
I have pointed my viewfinder towards others many times. Judging thoughts have invaded my heart. “Oh, that person needs to lose a little weight. Wow, that person is a little lazy.” My list could continue. I have even assumed I knew the thoughts of a blank look.
“Intruders,” that’s the word writers use when you get into someone else’s head. If I am to relinquish my power to those outside intruders, I must focus on the condition of my heart. To do this I need the correct tools. I need God working in me. I need the knowledge of His Word to kick out the intruders, the worldly views. When I’m tempted to pass judgment or gossip, I quickly hand the point of view finder to Jesus and pray the Psalms. Create in me a pure heart O God. . .
God loves it when we focus on him. He also knows we love viewing the world and easily lose our focus at times. His unconditional love is unchanging and He honors our struggles with grace and mercy.
We should have two viewfinders in writing the pages of our life novel — one pointing to Jesus, and one searching our heart.
When gossip or critical spirits knock at your door, or if you find yourself worrying about the future or reminiscing about a past mistake, pass the POV finder to Jesus. He has the power to remove the intruders.

2 thoughts on “Keep Your Heart Focused

  1. Great post will continue to be praying that God gives you his words through you like he always does to say.keep him first.he is right their with you at all times. God BLess.


  2. Bobbie, Wanted you to know that I read this and think it is exceptional. My mind is processing your writing and I am thinking it is so good what you wrote and you have improved in these past two years we have been together. It must be that way as God views us in our birth with Him. If only we could see what he sees we would be more encouraged, stronger in our outreach and more firm in our foundation. Then I started to think about faith. Faith is trusting in something unseen knowing that it is for our better good. Faith is the finisher of our christian walk. Faith is knowing He seesall the above, we have to take heart and know the next step is there to bring us along in the richness of our walk. Indeed, what a faithful friend we have in Jesus! Love you Bobbie.We are headed to Cheyenne today and back to Fort Collins late tomorrow where we will spend the night and come back up to Estes late Saturday.I am home next week for doctor’s appointments.Bless your time with Mike and enjoy the respite!

    Date: Wed, 14 May 2014 14:44:34 +0000 To:


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