Healing Bouquet

Billy's Memorial Service

Billy’s Memorial Service


I removed each living flower from the many flower arrangements friends and family sent to Billy’s funeral, and I made a new bouquet. God is such an awesome God. Months ago He placed a devotion in my heart and this week it posted on www.christiandevotions.us; but I didn’t see it until this morning. As I re-read my devotion I knew God was working behind my tears and pain today to bring me healing. So as I step into the emptiness and throw away my wilted funeral flowers I will hold onto the words He spoke into my heart months ago, He is behind the scenes watering my soul.


Behind The Scenes – Bobbi Brown

For it is God who works in you to will and to act according to his good purpose. Philippians 2:13 NIV

Books towered on clothed tables, and perfectly arranged bouquets of mixed flowers showcased the titles. Volunteers moved quickly through the auditorium and gave the emptiness life.

The Shofar summoned the quietness. For three days we swayed side by side to the worship music. Our hearts were encouraged with Scripture. The unity of Christ transformed strangers into friends, and the love of Christ shined on our hearts.

Recognition of volunteers and goodbye hugs ended our time together. Behind the scenes, crews worked their magic and once again emptiness filled the space.

Our heavenly Father loves to work behind the scenes. His grace is working within us to produce the desire and power to do His will. All He requires is our faith and willingness to step into the emptiness. He decorates His heart with our life’s bouquet. He is there even when our flowers wilt.

Don’t despair if you can’t see God working. He is always behind the scenes watering your dry soul. Hold fast to the knowledge God is always with you.

Is He inviting you to join Him?

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