The Strength of Christmas

Looking for a Christmas gift that shares the strength of the reason we celebrate Christmas? My book, The Unbreakable Cord, is available on Amazon for $10.95

Fifteen years ago, during the Christmas season, I sat bedside of my daughter, as she fought for her life from life threatening injuries caused by a drunk driver. When I returned to my motel room, late Christmas Eve, my mom called with the news, my oldest brother had suffered a heart attack.

That Christmas, I didn’t sit around the Christmas tree and untie colorful ribbons that decorated the packages. My brother laid in one hospital, fighting for his life, and later lost his battle. My daughter clung to life in another hospital.

However, I held closely to my heart the gift of the season. I knew the real reason we celebrated Christmas, Jesus Christ. That is why my book is title The Unbreakable Cord, Jesus is our lifeline, a Christmas ribbon that never breaks.

I hope you will find encouragement as you read the pages of my heart-wrenching journey of pain, healing and forgiveness. This inspiring story offers hope as you hold fast to the knowledge that Christ is always present.

The Unbreakable Cord, A tragic accident leads to a journey of faith.

Bobbie Bomar Brown

47095936_5.11 High Resolution Front Cover.6084574 (1)

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